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Golden Grain Corn Stoves, Corn Furnaces, Corn Heaters, Shur-Kleen Corn Cleaners


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We can supply you with Corn Burners from 13,000 BTU's to 950,000 BTU's either forced air or boilers.  In addition we sell Free Standing Corn Stoves, Corn Cleaners, and Corn Storage Bins.   Note: Certain models will also burn Barley & Wheat.   Print our Brochure

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SHUR-KLEEN The corn discharges just below the blower. There is a 16'' discharge height from discharge to ground. The discharge spout is now enclosed on top to minimize spillage.  The fines, dust ,and beeswings drop out on the bottom. The units totally confined and creates minimal dust. No problem to use in garage, shop or even basement.  The screen at the top has been designed to catch you larger material, it sits at an angle to allow your corn or wheat to flow through evenly, and also helps minimize spillage.  The blower is now specifically built for the SHUR-KLEEN grain cleaner with adjustable damper. The blower is designed to help blow out the lighter dust and bees wings.  Simply mount blower with screws provided. Plug into a 110v cord and it is ready to clean.. A 12 inch cord is already installed on blower.  The new cleaner also has 35% more opening on screen. (note: not bigger hole but more holes)  Our goal is to market a product that works great, a product you can buy for the right price and most of all a product you will have and use many years from now.

SHUR-KLEEN GRAIN CLEANER  This cleaner was designed for corn stove and corn furnace owners. The SHUR-KLEEN grain cleaner can also be used for wheat and other products.  The cleaner is 4 ft tall and 14'' square and may be shipped UPS anywhere in the USA. We now have several hundred of these units throughout the US . We do have several dealers in different parts of the Country. However Dealer inquiries are always welcome.  The screens in this cleaner are designed to keep from plugging. You do not have to worry about cleaning the screens. You do not have to worry about ever replacing these screens. They are actually laser cut from a sheet of steel.  

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